Screen Actors Guild’s The Business Program Holds Regular Seminars

Richard Romano is the older brother of actor Ray Romano and a screen actor who resides in New York. A former sergeant with the New York Police Department (NYPD), Richard Romano is a member of the NYPD Sergeant Association and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). The SAG Foundation manages The Business program, which provides union performers with access to numerous educational seminars.

Hosted by established professionals within the entertainment industry, The Business seminars offer valuable information regarding the business aspects of acting and how to navigate it without becoming overwhelmed. Seminars cover a variety of topics, including audition techniques, motion capture, transmedia storytelling, and new media. In addition, casting directors, agents, and other industry experts may discuss subjects related to taxes and financial planning.

The Business regularly holds seminars each month at its Actors Center in Los Angeles, California, and The New School for Drama in New York. Participants may attend seminars in person or watch them online via live streaming or archived videos. In addition to its regular one-day seminars, the program offers two special ongoing series: the Independent Film Screening Series in Los Angeles and the New York-based Salon Reading Series. Funded through sponsorship, grants, and gifts, the seminars are free for union performers.


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