Tips for Writing Screenplays

Brother to actor Ray Romano, Richard Romano retired from law enforcement to pursue a career in entertainment. Currently working on developing a television pilot, Richard Romano wrote the screenplay for the film The Investigator, which is currently being released in foreign markets.

Screenwriting is a competitive profession saturated with millions of writers. However, there are ways to stand out, simply by following these tips.

1. Write believable dialogue.
Envision the sights and sounds of the scene. Then edit for narrative clarity and honesty to illustrate a specific scenario.

2. Avoid traditional, linear outlines.
Writer Jeff Nichols uses note cards to depict different scenes and moves them around to find connections. This process creates storylines that may have been lost with a typical outline.

3. Write a great opening.
Attempt to write an opening image of a film that captures the entirety of a story.

4. Build your characters.
Get to know them through activities and conversations. The characters will naturally develop.


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