Tips for Writing Screenplays

A former sergeant with the New York Police Department, Richard Romano is presently pursuing a career as a screenplay writer. Richard Romano has worked on television and films alongside his younger brother Ray Romano, and he recently wrote his first feature film, The Investigator.

Screenplays are the blueprints that help any filmmaker realize his or her cinematic vision. If you are looking to begin the screenwriting process, consider the following tips.

Do Your Research
Before you even begin writing, read the screenplays of films you enjoy watching. Compare what is written in the script with what you see on the screen to see how the story will change from paper to film. You should also watch a multitude of different films to learn how a film narratives.

Write Constantly
Writing a feature film may seem like a daunting task, but it can be accomplished by sitting down to write every day. As with any other task, you need to discipline yourself and practice to improve. You will soon find yourself yearning to finish your script and your writing will be better for it.

Make It Personal
You should write from your own personal experience and perspective, even if your story is about a make-believe world or a historic event from a thousand years ago. Instill some of yourself into your work to make the story and characters more relatable and realistic to your audience.


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