Using Labor Services to Protect Members – Fraternal Order of Police

Fraternal Order of Police pic

Fraternal Order of Police

An experienced screenwriter and actor, Richard Romano is the brother of Ray Romano and wrote, directed, and edited the theatrical film, The Investigator. Richard Romano is also an accomplished sergeant with the New York Police Department and a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

Established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1915, the FOP became a national organization in 1917. For almost 100 years, the organization has worked to give its more than 325,000 members a voice for their concerns at the local, state, and federal levels. Open to any full-time law enforcement officer, the FOP and its 2,100 local lodges offer legal defense resources, member and community programs, and labor services.

To ensure that law enforcement officers receive fair employment conditions and labor situations, the FOP serves as one of the field’s leading resources. Whether working within or outside of a formal collective bargaining agreement, the FOP trains leaders, grants expert advice and guidance, and works closely with individual lodges. State and local lodges with specific needs can also request custom-developed classes that incorporate information about the laws that directly affect them.


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