Richard Romano Releases New Book about Jesus Christ

Richard Romano  pic

Richard Romano

 A former sergeant of the New York Police Department (NYPD), Richard Romano has established his career in the entertainment industry as a screenplay writer. In 2014, Richard Romano, brother of actor Ray Romano, wrote a film titled The Investigator and recently published a book called The Investigation of the Homicide of Jesus Christ.

During his tenure with the NYPD, Mr. Romano often paused to ask questions about life as he saw daily examples of injustice. He developed his questions and thoughts into a screenplay and film, which release in foreign markets in 2015. To complement the film, he now he offers his insights outlined in digital book form.

The Investigation of the Homicide of Jesus Christ explores many of the metaphysical questions people ask regarding the existence of Jesus Christ and how to balance the theories set forth and defended by science. In response to these questions and others, facts from various sources are presented in clear prose for readers to reach their own conclusions. To purchase the book, visit


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