Survivor Challenges Players for 39 Days

The Investigator pic

The Investigator

Richard Romano, Raymond Roman’s brother and an accomplished screenplay writer, movie producer, director, and editor, enjoys watching the TV show Survivor. Richard Romano, who has his own successful movie, The Investigator, includes Survivor as one of his favorites in entertainment.

Survivor, which is based on a Swedish gameshow called Operation Robinson, begins with sixteen average Americans isolated on a deserted island for a total of 39 days. These Americans are separated into two equal tribes that eventually unite into a single tribe. The tribe members must figure out how to live together as they participate in challenging competitions; the rewards are luxuries like spending time with a family member from home, food, pillows, etc., or immunity against being expelled from the next round of the game.

Throughout the show, the losers of the challenges participate in tribal council every three days. The losers must explain their most recent actions. At the end of the council, one of their tribe members is voted to leave the island. The ultimate goal of the show is to “outwit, outlast, and outplay” one another; when the 39 days are over, the only survivor will win $1 million.

Survivor, considered a “nonscripted drama,” is part of the reality TV movement. The participants forge strong friends as well as strong enemies, as the extreme surroundings and the prize money motivates them to play hard.


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