Richard Romano’s Recent Book on the Homicide of Jesus Christ

Richard Romano pic

Richard Romano

The brother of comedic television actor Ray Romano, Richard Romano has a background as New York City investigator and police sergeant. Richard Romano has also established a reputation as a screenwriter and author, having recently written The Investigation of the Homicide of Jesus Christ. The book explores core questions of God’s existence and how to weigh metaphysical questions in light of contemporary scientific theories.

In a Queens Ledger interview, Romano speaks of coming to a search for the truth about God through a position teaching criminal justice at a Christian school. Inspired by the John F. Kennedy conspiracy investigations, one student challenged him to conduct an investigation into Jesus and explore whether Christ actually existed.

Romano set parameters that he would not use the Bible as a direct source and instead consulted with theological and historical documents, as a way of objectively assessing the question. He found that Jesus was indeed a real-life figure written about by contemporary Jewish historian Josephus. There was secular debate about his miracles, which were “written off” at the time as sorcery or magic.

This led Romano to a fundamental conclusion that there is a significant possibility that Jesus did indeed accomplish miracles. This in turn lends credence to the Biblical story of his rising from the dead, as the son of God.


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