The Investigator – Independent Film that Looks into Jesus’s Homicide

The Investigator pic

The Investigator

Former New York City police sergeant Richard Romano is a respected author whose most recent book is The Investigation of the Homicide of Jesus Christ. Also known for his screenwriting and film production, Richard Romano developed and wrote the 2013 independent movie The Investigator.

As reviewed in Variety, the 2013 Christian evangelical film centers around a classroom investigation into the historic life and death of Jesus Christ, undertaken by a former law enforcement officer who is now teaching at a high school. The movie begins with the retirement of a veteran police officer who mistakenly shoots an unarmed suspect and as a result deeply questions his Catholic faith.

In class, the teacher guides a reexamination of the John F. Kennedy assassination that leads to an investigation into the even more controversial “homicide” of Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago. More than simply a look at the life of Jesus in the context of historical and theological evidence, the well-received film portrays one man’s loss and the ultimate rekindling of faith.


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