Amazon Studios Offers Hope to Prospective Screenwriters

Amazon Studios pic

Amazon Studios

Richard Romano, brother of comedian and TV staple Ray Romano, is no stranger to the biz. A screenwriter himself, former NYPD sergeant Richard Romano wrote the critically acclaimed film The Investigator. If you’ve got a movie or TV script in you waiting to get out, now might be a good time to start writing. Amazon Studios, the film and TV branch of the online giant, is currently accepting scripts.

Amazon’s approach to finding original content is all inclusive in that anyone can submit a script or concept video. Whether you’re in the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) or not, whether you’ve already had success in the industry, or your experience with movies has just been watching them, Amazon makes it easy to plan, write and submit a script for consideration as an Amazon original movie or series.

Amazon Storywriter is a free cloud-based screenwriting program that lets prospective screenwriters storyboard, write and save their masterpiece online. The cloud-based nature of the app lets users access their screenplays from anywhere with an Internet connection. If you’re not connected, the installable app enables you to work even when offline.

Whether you’re an experienced screenwriter like Richard Romano, or a complete novice with nothing but an idea, Amazon Studios and Storywriter enable you to get your screenplay ideas written, and more importantly, heard. Learn more at


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