How Do Editors Know How to Cut Scenes in a Movie?

Every Frame a Painting pic

Every Frame a Painting

Richard Romano is a man of many talents, which is evident in his recent foray into the film industry, after working as a police sergeant for the NYPD. Not only is he a director, but he is also screenplay writer, producer, and editor. He followed in the footsteps of his brother, actor Ray Romano, in his film The Investigator. Richard Romano wrote the screenplay, and was also an assistant editor for the film.

The job of a film editor is to sift through hours of footage, in order to arrange it into a full feature film, while also deciding which scenes to cut permanently. The ultimate goal is to keep the film within the proposed run time, but most of the decisions editors make are actually based on instinct.

According to a video by YouTube user, Every Frame a Painting, editors base their decisions on a few key aspects. First, they decide when to cut based on their gut feelings, as there are no instructions telling them where or when to cut scenes, or how to piece them together.

Aside from that, editors also take note of how the overall film will be perceived by their intended audience. Tony, the narrator, says that most of the editing process relies on the emotions that can be derived from the film.

In this sense, editors consider how the actor portrays his emotions through their eyes and expressions. Lastly, editors decide how they will bring the scenes together in the same way, by basing their decisions on how the audience would react once they’ve watched a particular scene.


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