Richard Romano’s The Investigator

The Investigator pic

The Investigator

Veteran NYPD sergeant Richard Romano is the older brother of famed comedian Ray Romano. Richard Romano, who had been involved with his brother’s popular sitcom, is the creator and screenplay writer of the feature film The Investigator. He also played a cameo role and served as assistant editor and technical adviser.

The film centers on a NYPD sergeant forced into early retirement for mistakenly shooting a suspect who was unarmed. To add to his trouble and anguish, right after his removal from the police force, his wife suffers a miscarriage.

He finds a job as a criminal justice teacher and substitute baseball coach at a Christian high school. The crux of the movie is when the former sergeant leads his class in a reexamination of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and then an investigation into the death of Jesus Christ.

This evangelical Christian movie reflects the screenplay writer’s own life, focusing on a man who endured tragedy but gradually returned to his faith. The Investigator has gained commercial success and warm acceptance from the Christian community.


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