The National Fraternal Order of Police University

Fraternal Order of Police pic

Fraternal Order of Police

Retired NYPD sergeant Richard Romano has gone on to enjoy a fulfilling career as an actor, screenplay writer, high school teacher, and college professor. While in the police force, Richard Romano was a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

The FOP is the world’s largest sworn law enforcement officer organization. It has over 330,000 members in over 2,200 lodges. Through education, information, community involvement, legislation, and employee representation, the FOP endeavors to improve the working conditions and safety of law enforcement officers.

One of the FOP’s programs is the National Fraternal Order of Police University (NFOPU). This is a pool of universities and colleges that offer members of the National FOP a variety of learning programs. The NFOPU enables FOP members to enroll in courses that take into consideration the unique work schedules of law enforcement officers. FOP members enjoy flexibility to complete course work on their own time, as courses can be taken completely online.


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