Benefits of Reading Screenplays

The Investigator pic

The Investigator

Richard Romano is an actor and a writer. He filmed a few scenes of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” where his brother, Ray Romano, is the lead actor. Richard Romano also wrote the screenplay for the movie, “The Investigator.”

Aspiring screenplay writers are urged to read screenplays from the best writers in film. Newbies often make the mistake of foregoing reading other scripts. This is unfortunate because reading critically acclaimed scripts can improve the two important components of screenplay writing.

First of all, reading scripts can improve a writer’s ability to describe a scene. This can help the writer absorb the writing style of the script. The aspiring writer may then learn how to express their ideas and emotions more eloquently in their own script. Reading professional scripts also teaches a writer that they do not need to elaborate much on the description of a scene.

Aside from improving scene descriptions, reading scripts also improves dialogue writing. A common mistake writers make is writing robotic conversations between characters. By reading successfully made scripts, writers can take note of how characters are supposed to talk naturally.


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