Questioning and Affirming Jesus Through an Investigative Process

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ


With a background as a New York City police investigator, Richard Romano now works an author and screenwriter and is the brother of the actor Ray Romano. His book, The Investigation of the Homicide of Jesus Christ, examines metaphysical questions and current scientific theories in as it looks into the question of God’s existence. Speaking with The Queens Ledger, a weekly community newspaper, Richard Romano described a crisis of faith he underwent while a NYPD officer.

After retiring from the force, Mr. Romano took on positions teaching baseball at a local high school and instructing criminal justice. The Christian school at which he taught had previously had a youth pastor who had abused his power, and the new teacher assumed the daunting task of teaching students who had lost much of their faith.

While doing coursework on the John F. Kennedy conspiracy, one criminal justice student asked if his teacher could conduct an investigation on the existence of Jesus Christ. Mr. Romano accepted the assignment and consulted a wide variety of sources, seeking those that presented an objective view that squared with “the facts.” Ultimately, he came across the writings of a Jewish scholar whose work purported to verify Jesus’ existence, and other facts emerged as to the death of Jesus. This gave Mr. Romano the idea of a book on regaining faith through an in-depth investigative process.


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