The Investigator – A Film Looking Into Faith and the Life of Christ

The Investigator pic

The Investigator

The brother of noted comedic actor Ray Romano, Richard Romano is a retired New York Police Department sergeant. In addition to writing The Investigation of the Homicide of Jesus Christ, Richard Romano has contributed to the screenwriting, direction, and production of the film The Investigator.

Released in theaters nationwide, the independent film tells the story of a longtime NYPD police officer who is involved in a high-profile shooting and must retire from the force. He ultimately takes a position as baseball coach and teacher. Inspired by true events, the movie features a shaken man who seeks solace in the Catholic faith to guide him through his doubts and who comes to launch an investigation into Jesus Christ’s death.

A core question centers on how the protagonist can undertake the police-style investigation, when he questions the very existence of Christ. Despite doubts, he looks at the unadulterated evidence as a way of coming up with a logical arguments and ultimately leaves the verdict up to the students themselves. At once heartwarming and thought-provoking, The Investigator has been well-received by audiences across the United States.


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