The Role of a Screenplay Writer

Screenplay Writer pic

Screenplay Writer

The brother of Hollywood actor Ray Romano, Richard Romano is a former NYPD sergeant who now works in the film industry. Though he has performed as an actor on several projects, Richard Romano most recently wrote the original screenplay for the film The Investigator.

A screenplay writer, known less formally as a screenwriter, plays an important role in the development of a film or television show. The screenwriter is responsible for working with members of the production team as well as the director in order to create the script for the project. Script components include the actor’s lines, a physical description of the setting, and important details like the mood that a character is supposed to be in during a scene.

This position requires the screenwriter to be both creative and capable of drafting and revising scripts under tight deadlines. A screenwriter may compose a script that tells an original story or adapt a screenplay from an existing work. Each year, scripts of both types are recognized at the Academy Awards and other industry events.


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