SAG Membership and Its Benefits

Screen Actors Guild pic

Screen Actors Guild

Richard Romano, brother of actor Ray Romano, is a former NYPD sergeant turned screenwriter who composed the screenplay for the 2013 film The Investigator. In addition to his work as a screenwriter, Richard Romano has performed as an actor on several projects and holds membership with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

SAG represents and protects professional performers and artists of all kinds within the media industry. In order to earn membership with the organization, potential members must secure a job covered under a SAG collective bargaining agreement. Alternatively, a potential member may have worked under the jurisdiction of an affiliated performers’ union, provided the actor has held membership for at least a year with that union. After meeting these employment qualifications, the actor must pay a one-time initiation fee to SAG.

The benefits of joining SAG include the negotiation of fair wages on projects, the ability to earn pension and retirement credits, and the power to vote on the annual SAG Award nominees. Additionally, SAG members can access an exclusive casting directory and attend workshops and classes with some of the finest coaches in show business. Outside of acting-related benefits, SAG members can avail themselves of discounts on a range of products and services, including real estate and car rentals.


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