Global Music Awards; Richard Romano, NYPD Police officer

The Global Music Awards pic

The Global Music Awards

A former New York City Police Department sergeant, Richard Romano is a screenwriter and brother of renowned comedic actor Ray Romano, star of Everybody Loves Raymond. Richard Romano wrote, directed, and produced the critically acclaimed movie The Investigator.

The Investigator won the Global Music Awards Award of Merit in 2012 for its original soundtrack. Since then, the organization has changed its awards structure, which now recognizes gold, silver, and bronze medal winners. Ten percent of entries receive gold medals, and 15 percent are recipients of silver medals. Music recognized covers a wide variety of genres from classical and jazz to modern sounds like electronic dance.

The Global Music Awards also recognizes contributions made by individuals who are trying to make a positive difference through their music. These include the Odyssey Award for lifetime achievement in music; the Humanitarian Award, which is dedicated to charitable causes, social justice, or environmental issues; and the Heretic Award for protest or activist music. These awards have been described by the organization as a way of saying “thank you” to notable individuals who have changed the world or inspired others through their gifts.


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