The Investigator

The Investigator pic

The Investigator

The brother of comedian and actor Ray Romano, Richard Romano is a former homicide detective with the New York City Police Department who went on to teach at both the high school and college levels. He has also completed a number of entertainment projects, including writing and starring in the 2013 feature film The Investigator.

The semiautobiographical story of a former New York police officer turned high school teacher, The Investigator examines the main character’s crisis of Christian faith through the lens of a mock investigation in his classroom of the “homicide” of Jesus Christ. Both the teacher and his students alike undergo profound religious transformations by the end of the film.

After its nationwide theatrical release, The Investigator enjoyed an exclusive DVD release through the Walmart chain. Local organizations such as churches and schools also received permission to present the film at private screenings. Today, The Investigator is widely available in both DVD and digital formats.

In addition to serving as the screenwriter and the lead actor of the film, Richard Romano assisted in the film’s direction and editing. Curtis Graham was the principal director, and Gabriel’s Messenger Films served as the production company.


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