Respect 21 Advocates Retailer Prevention against Underage Drinking

Respect 21 pic

Respect 21

The screenplay writer and creative mind behind The Investigator, Richard Romano previously served as a technical advisor for Everybody Loves Raymond, a television series that starred his brother Ray Romano. A former sergeant for the New York City Police Department, Richard Romano also maintains connections to the Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP), which offers a number of public programs and initiatives, including Respect 21.

A project jointly advocated for by the FOP president and MillerCoors team, Respect 21 tackles underage drinking through a prevention program that focuses on limiting access to drugs and alcohol. Respect 21 facilitates collaboration among retailers, local law enforcement, communities, and government agencies in order to present a united front against underage consumption. The program works with retailers to establish responsible retailing practices that prevent access to individuals under the age of 21. Furthermore, it employs legal-age mystery shoppers to test the effectiveness of retail practices.

The Responsible Retailing Forum and Brandeis University launched Respect 21 in 2005 in partnership with MillerCoors. Since its inception, the program has reached more 25 communities across the county and worked with over 900 retailers.


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