Wade Williams – Star of The Investigator

Wade Williams pic

Wade Williams
Image: imdb.com

Retired police sergeant Richard Romano is a screenplay writer based in New York City and the brother of comedian and actor Ray Romano. A member of the Writer’s Guild, Richard wrote The Investigator, a 2013 drama that stars Wade Williams as a detective turned high school teacher and baseball coach.

Although Williams’ role in The Investigator was his first lead in a major motion picture, he previously appeared in The Bros and narrated Child of God, a 2013 thriller written by James Franco. He spent his early years acting in musicals in Tennessee and continued to indulge his passion for music throughout his career, working as a composer for Telepictures and, in 2010, releasing The Very First Time, a nine-song country album.

His performance in The Investigator has helped him earn more film roles, including parts in the 2015 drama Room 236 and King’s Gambit, which opened in 2016. He’s also slated to appear in Masked and Paying Mr. McGetty, both of which are currently in post-production.


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