A Brief Synopsis of “Parable Cop”


Richard Romano

Richard Romano, brother of actor and comedian Ray Romano, celebrates a diverse career in teaching, law enforcement, and entertainment. An accomplished screenplay writer in New York City, Richard Romano developed the script for the upcoming film Parable Cop.

A thrilling family drama, Parable Cop uses true events as the basis for its story. In the film, the audience follows 48-year-old James Fontana, a man who served as New York Police Department (NYPD) officer for two decades before he has to resign for reasons that he deems unfair. In the following days, he takes his son, Robert, to find summer employment at Hope House. Owned and operated by James’ religious brother, Frank, Hope House is a halfway home that welcomes men who are on probation following cases of alcohol and drug abuse. When Robert takes on a job, Frank asks James to join the team as an assistant manager so that he can help bolster on-site security.

James accepts the position, but feels apprehensive that the men of Hope House will dislike him due to his former work as a police officer. These fears prove true when the men shout insults at him during their very first meeting. After some encouragement from Frank and his boss, the kindly Mr. Motecki, James soldiers on and works to win the favor of the men. To this end, he joins several group therapy sessions to provide his unique perspective on their issues.

At first, the men only see him as the law enforcement officer who symbolizes those who arrested them. After listening to their stories and sharing some of his own, however, James begins to woo them over to his side. In the end, he tells them the surprising truth of why he had to resign from the NYPD.


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