Three Life Lessons of Baseball

Life Lessons pic

Life Lessons

Richard Romano is a New York City-based screenwriter whose 2013 film, The Investigator, earned positive reviews from publications such as Variety. The brother of network television star Ray Romano, Richard Romano holds season tickets to the New York Yankees and appreciates the many life lessons that the game of baseball offers. Some life lessons from the sport are described below.

1. The value of hard work. Unlike athletes in sports like basketball and football, baseball players often lack exceptional physical size. Instead, it is through dedication to their craft that they have achieved their success. In watching these average-sized athletes compete, baseball fans can see firsthand the value of a strong work ethic.

2. Handling failure. In baseball, even the best hitters fail to reach base the majority of the time. The sport thus provides constant examples of individuals dealing with their shortcomings and mistakes. What’s more, it shows individuals learning from these situations and coming back to try again.

3. The importance of teamwork. The most successful baseball teams consist of players who work well together in the pursuit of a common goal. Knowing how to collaborate with others, including people who are new and unfamiliar, is a useful ability in numerous areas in life.


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